Minimum Wage Hearing a Standing Room Only

minwageA push to raise the minimum wage that’s being fanned by Senate President Therese Murray drew a big crowd of proponents and opponents to the State House for a public hearing on wage floor bills in the State House’s largest meeting space, Gardner Auditorium.

Supporters who flooded the auditorium say the state’s $8 an hour minimum wage is too low and individuals and families can’t get by on it. Senate President Murray testified at the outset of the standing-room-only hearing, along with minimum wage hike supporter Senator Marc Pacheco and Labor Secretary Joanne Goldstein, who testified in favor of increasing the wage and tying it to an inflation index.

Murray testified that she has met with business leaders from around the state and found support for an increase. Murray has not endorsed a particular wage rate and said she looked forward to the debate and the recommendations from the committee.

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