Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Foundation Needs Your Support

Support Worker Training, Save on Insurance and Taxes

Massachusette Chamber of Commerce Foundation The Chamber’s new pioneering Foundation will offer grants to smaller Massachusetts manufacturers providing on-the-job training for skilled positions. The need is urgent.  About 119,000 jobs in Massachusetts are vacant because employers can’t find enough skilled workers, state officials estimate.

The Foundation needs a solid base of funding to underwrite grants.  And that’s where you come in. To help assure a bright future for manufacturing and commerce in the Bay State, please step up to the plate today and give.

Massachusette Chamber of Commerce Foundation Donations to the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. Individual donors may save up to 20%* on auto and home insurance when they switch to Arbella Insurance.

Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Members can sponsor this discount as a free voluntary benefit for their employees through the “Chamber Home & Auto” program, where “Good Deeds Deserve Rewards”.

You can make contributions of any size conveniently by check or credit card.

Building a Skilled Workforce

Massachusette Chamber of Commerce Foundation The Foundation will offer workforce-training grants to Massachusetts manufacturers providing on-the-job training for skilled positions.  Companies with up to 200 employees will be eligible for workforce training grants.  It’s expected the first grants will be made in 2013.

All manufacturing industries are eligible.

Foundation President Daniel Burack—a prominent businessman and owner of the Tekoa Country Club—says:

A grant can make a big difference so a company can give workers some extra training and the knowledge they need to work on a specific machine or process.  The worker gets a well-paying job and the company can boost production. The program will be especially valuable for smaller companies, such as machine shops and other manufacturers, that can’t afford to subsidize training.

More Details About our Foundation

Massachusette Chamber of Commerce FoundationWorkforce-training grants will cover of four weeks of intensive on-the-job training. An individual employer—or an association of employers—will run the training program under a grant from Foundation. The employer will plan, prepare and administer all on-the-job training.

To be eligible, the employer must offer training in skilled occupations in manufacturing production. Occupations include, but are not limited to, computer operator or programmer, maintenance electrician, instrument maker, machinist and tool programmer.

The manufacturing industry includes businesses engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products. These establishments are usually described as plants, factories, or mills, and use power-driven machines and materials-handling equipment. Establishments engaged in assembling component parts of manufactured products are also considered manufacturing if the new product is neither a structure nor other fixed improvement.