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Chamber Benefits

Benefits of Membership

As a member, you can immediately begin saving on crucial business services. Membership includes:

Membership Discount Programs

Below is a current list of benefits available to our members. Follow the directions with each benefit to start saving on any of the Membership Discount Programs. Plus get discounts on all MassCBI events, programs, training and publications.

The savings that we have put together for our members can pay for the cost of your annual investment to the Massachusetts Business Chamber of Commerce. So take the time to review all our savings and take advantage of them all.

Contact us with any questions about our Membership Discount Program.

The Mass Chamber, on average, focuses 90% of our efforts on advocacy alone so local chambers can remain focused on local initiatives, but still be active and in tune with statewide politics.

Where local Chambers create a unified voice for business within their communities, the Mass Chamber looks to unify all of those voices, giving business a voice in every legislative level across the Commonwealth . . . [Read More]

First Data Merchant Card Services—A name you can trust!

The Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with First Data’s, FDIS-North America to provide exceptional merchant services to our business community at tremendous savings.  We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

FDIS- North America understands that there is a variety of merchant retailers within the Chamber that have unique needs  . . . [Read More]
Web Development and Search Engine Optimization by Gonnello SEO

Gonnello SEO – Helping you Succeed

Is your website showing up only just a few times rather than thousands of times in the Google search results?

Gonnello SEO is offering you and all Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce members a free in-depth analysis on your company website and SEO capabilities. This is a saving of $250 and is a true look at the good and the potentially bad aspects of your efforts. There are no obligations to purchase any service and your information will be kept confidential.

If your website is not on the top page when people search for your particular keywords, you could be losing more than you think. . . [Read More]

Save Big on Shipping with UPS

mass-chamber-benefit-upsThe Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce recently announced a new parternship with UPS, which means big savings for Mass Chamber Members.

If your business does any kind of shipping then you are going to love this benefit! This is one of the many popular benefits we are offering our membership.

Click here and create a new account or register your existing UPS account to start saving up to 28% on all of your UPS shipping needs.

Chamber Home & Auto @ Work – Voluntary Insurance Benefit

The Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce offers a genius member benefit called Chamber Home & Auto @ Work.

There are no size minimum, no enrollment restrictions and the program is locally administered. The program offers a cost-free voluntary benefit for (members and) their employees who can save up to 20%* on auto and home insurance!

That includes a 5% MA auto discount for contributing a donation to the new Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Foundation.  Now that is genius!

Through this program, your employees can  . . . [Read More]

Five Star Logistics

Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Benefits

Full Service Logistics for the 21st Century

We have the ability to move LTL, T/L, or shipment sizes in between from any point to any point while reducing your transport costs using our 6,000+ carrier base. We also offer a broad array of logistics services.

In Your Locale and Region:

Full traffic department outsourcing or an extension or your traffic department . . . [Read More]

Mass CIE

The Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, in affilation with the Realtors Commercials Alliance of Massachusetts is happy to offer you access to The Massachusetts Commercial Information Exchange.  MassCIE

MassCIE was created to empower the local commercial brokerage community. It’s a listing service where the data is owned and controlled by its members.

Click here to learn more!

National Training Associates

National Training Associates (NTA) provides companies with grant consulting, writing, and administrative services for workforce development programs at both the state and federal level.

NTA provides grant writing expertise to businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries including but not limited t0 . . .  [Read More]

Health Services Administrators

Federal HR Library

accr-book-benefitsMassachusetts Chamber of Business and Industry has released the 2008 Federal HR Library, a three-book set containing A Guide to ADA and FMLA, Employee Benefits – An Employer’s Guide, and Safety and Health Guide. Written in plain-English, the guides help employers and HR professions to understand the laws that effect how they run their business.

“The ADA and FMLA are complex. It is incredibly important that employers become familiar with the details, obligations and requirements of these laws to assist in resolving employee situations,” said Karen Tyner, author of the guide and partner in Ford & Harrison. “This book discusses topics such as what types of disabilities and situations are covered under ADA and FMLA, how disabilities affect the hiring process, and how regulations affect a business.”

This three-volume set is available for a special price of only $98 for Mass CBI members, a saving of 20% off the regular price of $125.

Find out more >>

Serving All Your Energy Needs

Chamber Energy

Click here to start saving today!

Constant Contact Business Partner

mass-chamber-benefit-constant-contactAs a Constant Contact Business partner, we can bring you a proven, powerful and cost effective way to stay in touch and stay connected with your customers & prospects.

This is a great tool to build customer loyalty, increase referrals, and promote your repeat business. There is no better email marketing service out there especially with all the new laws about unsolicited emails. trust the company that more companies trust.

Click here to learn more!

Hertz Discounts

HertzHertz is in your neighborhood, specializing in local car rental at affordable rates. We have hundreds of convenient locations offering the same great services you are used to at the airport.

MassCBI members will receive the following discounts

  • Hertz Daily Member Benefits Rates
  • Hertz U.S. Standard Rates
  • Hertz U.S. Leisure Rates

You will be quoted the best price at the time of your reservation by mentioning your MassCBI CDP Number: 1805127

Click here to get started

OfficeMax Savings!

office-maxMassachusetts Chamber of Business & Industry and OfficeMax have put together a special agreement that offers you significant savings on more than 12,000 office products. You’ll even have access to OfficeMax ImPress™, the perfect partner for all your print and document needs – from training manuals to marketing materials to sales presentations – and more!

Massachusetts Chamber of Business & Industry Members, receive your discounts when ordering online, by phone or in OfficeMax retail locations. Choose which solution is best for you:


If you would like to order online click here or by phone at 800.248.6343, use the association account information below:

Username/Account Number: 0634698

Password: omax1

Retail Location:

If you would like to shop at your local OfficeMax store, simply take your Digital Retail Connect card on the back to any OfficeMax store and they will laminate it for you for free!

Download your card

Yellow Transportation

Yellow transpertationYellow Transportation Offers Special Discounts for Members of the Massachusetts Chamber of Business & Industry!

Members will receive a 65%* discount on the following Services:

Standard Ground ShipmentsTM: With more direct points throughout North America than any other transportation provider

Definite Delivery®: Guaranteed transit times, constant monitoring, proactive notification and end-to-end visibility

Exhibit Services: Guaranteed exhibit transportation services for fast, reliable, damage-free delivery

These additional services are also available to members:

Exact Express® Shipments: Exact Express provides time-definite, expedited delivery

Dedicated Equipment: A variety of specialized, exclusive use equipment to meet your needs Shipments to Canada and Mexico: Specialized cross-border services to Canada and Mexico

Global Services: Seamless integrated air, ocean and overland service around the world with full logistics support


Enrollment in the Massachusetts Chamber of Business & Industry Shipping Program is free. To enroll, please download the registration form and fax it to 913.982.5943.

Or enroll online by clicking here.

Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan

Aetna benefits from the Massachusetts Chamber of commerceHave you ever skipped a doctor’s visit because you didn’t have insurance?  Or let an illness go untreated?  Or bought over-the-counter medicine instead of getting a prescription?

If any of these sound familiar, and if most of your medical expenses are for minor illnesses or injuries, the Aetna Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan may be right for you.  The Voluntary Fixed Benefits Plan pays  fixed cash payments for a wide range of covered services—such as doctors visits, outpatient procedures, prescriptions and more.  These payments can be made directly to you or your health care provider, your choice.  These include:

Inpatient benefits—Pays a fixed-dollar benefit per admission, plus a fixed-dollar benefit for each day you spend in the hospital up to a set number of days per year.  There are also fixed-dollar benefits for physician services, surgery and anesthesia while you are in the hospital.

Outpatient benefits—Pays a fixed-dollar benefit for office visits, X-ray and lab services, outpatient anesthesia and surgery, emergency room and ambulance services, up to a set number of services per year

Wellness benefits—Pays a fixed-dollar benefit for preventive services like an annual physical, gynecological exam, or well-baby or well-child visit, up to a set number of services per year.

Accident benefits—Pays a fixed-dollar benefit for injuries from an off-the-job accident

Prescription drug benefit—Pays a fixed-dollar benefit for prescription drugs, up to a set number of monthly prescriptions per year.

There are also additional Voluntary Plans available to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Dental Plan

Protect your smile.  Dental coverage can help you pay for checkups, cleanings and common procedures.  After you pay the $50 deductible, the plan pays up to 500 per year for certain procedures and services for each covered person

Short Term Disability Plan

You’ll receive a weekly benefit of up to $125 per week or 50% of your salary (whichever is less) if you become disabled.  The benefits is paid for up to 6 months while you are disabled and begins after 14 days (or immediate if you are hospitalized.

Term Life Plan

Provides coverage at a low group rate.  The policy pays an additional amount if your death is the result of an accident.  You can choose to cover just yourself and your spouse, or your entire family.  You pay for your coverage through payroll deduction.

The Hartford Savings with the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce

The Hartford

In this challenging economic environment, are you prepared for these outcomes?

58 % of men and 79% of women over the age of 65 will need some type of chronic illness care during their lifetime.

38% of men and 50% of women are expected to live to age 90

17% of men and 29% of women will be widowed for 10 years or more following the death of their spouse.

With Hartford Bicentennial UL Freedom, with the Hartford, Access Suite of Benefits, your life insurance policy can provide you with income, if you live too long or pay your loved ones a benefit if you die too soon or provide a benefit if you become chronically ill.

You have worked hard and sacrificed to give your family the quality of life that they now enjoy.  You are considering the purchase of a life insurance policy to protect your loved ones from the financial impact of your premature death.  Planning for one possible outcome does not provide you and your family with protection against other life events

Even people who believe they had planned accord found themselves having to adjust their lifestyle when faced with an unexpected life event.  Does your current strategy provide any protection for these possible outcomes?