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Pharmacy Mall is characterized as a dynamically developing online company. It was established in 1997. We have gained the status of one of the leading vendors of the international pharmaceutical market. Our pharmacy shop has established itself as a highly reliable, trusted and responsible pharmacy selling generics from Canada.

Distinctive features of our online pharmacy

Distinctive features of our online drugstore are:

  • the presence of a wide range of medications, skin care products, herbal supplements and vitamins.
  • low prices, special promotions and a discount system.
  • round-the-clock working hours allow you to shop at any time of the day.

Pharmacists of the company are characterized as professional and competent. We are ready to carry out an online consultation with a professional pharmacist. Our pharmacy staff includes the most polite and competent pharmacists.

Our company cares about the professional and career growth of its specialists. Many pharmacists, who had not worked before in any of the pharmacies and came to us immediately after graduation, improved their skills and achieved career growth in our store. They pose our company as the best online pharmacy for gaining rich experience in the pharmaceutical sphere.Pharmacy Mall Online

Our principles

The main principles of our performance are reliability, professionalism, quality assurance of medications and all products, polite and fast service, competitive prices.

Pharmacy Mall online guarantees the genuineness and quality of all sold drugs. All the products allowed for sale are certified, have certificates of Indian FDA. The storage conditions of medications and health-related products are strictly observed.

The customer care department is organized and efficiently operating. It is a convenient information service that allows you to get all the information you need.

Terms and Conditions

We have no secrets from customers, and therefore we would like to tell you how we work. After you place an order on our website, an ID is automatically assigned to the order. It is queued for processing. Customer service center employees process orders strictly in turn. Since the Site does not have an unlimited quantity of goods, firstly, they check the actual availability and condition of the goods you ordered. Only by making sure that the order can be fulfilled according to these two criteria (availability of goods at the time of the order and conditional state), the employee communicates with the delivery system. In turn, the courier, taking the order, will contact you to confirm the order and further agree on the date and time of delivery.

We strive to improve our working capacity as our customers are people who live all over the world. We respect every customer addresses us. As a result, we cooperate only with reliable delivery services which will bring your parcel strictly in the stated periods of time.

One of our pharmacists says: On our website, in addition to the catalog and drug prices, you can find out about special offers for customers. We will be glad to become a reliable partner and consultant in matters of health and beauty for you. We guarantee the authenticity and quality of all drugs and medications. All delivered products are certified. At our online pharmacy, you can buy medications with an international right to your door delivery.

With the help of our catalog, it is easy to find and buy medications, read the instructions for use, compare its properties with analogs and, learn about the rates and discounts. Before using any medication, it is recommended to consult your doctor and read the instructions. Experience and professionalism have created an excellent reputation for us in the market of online pharmacies with delivery globally. Our price and quality of medications will make you satisfied and delighted! Enjoy shopping.


In the online store from our pharmacy, you can choose at an attractive price:

  • medications;
  • vitamins;
  • medical devices and related products for health.

We work without intermediaries, so you do not have to overpay. We cooperate directly with drug manufacturers. As a result, we are able to offer attractive, reasonable and competitive prices for different preparations.

In addition, promotions are often held in our online pharmacy, which will allow you to buy medications at discounted prices.

Our online catalog is subdivided into drug categories. They are erectile dysfunction, allergies, anti fungal, anti viral, antibiotics, arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, depression, diabetes, gastrointestinal, hair loss, heart disease, herbals, man’s health, muscle relaxant, pain relief, skincare, sleep aid, quit smoking, weight loss, woman’s health. According to the pharmacy mall reviews, the most popular medications are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Clomid, Amoxil, Prednisone, Zithromax and many others.

These medications are included in the list of bestsellers. They are arranged on the front page. These preparations are sold with one of the lowest prices in comparison with other online services.


Viagra (Sildenafil) is a medication with the active ingredient sildenafil, which is intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients with different severity of the disease. Compared with other drugs, Viagra has a proven composition that helps solve the problem with erection. Therefore taking this stimulant, you can be confident in its safety.

Cialis (Tadalafil) is a drug widely used to treat problems of erectile function. It helps a man to feel like a man, restores an erection. Cialis is available in pill form and is taken orally. Here it is important to observe the dosage – no more than one pill with a dosage of 20 mg about a quarter of an hour before the start of the planned sexual intercourse.

Levitra contains Vardenafil. It is prescribed to men who have problems with erection or premature ejaculation. It stimulates blood flow to the penis causing an erection. It is necessary to take the drug 15-30 minutes before planned sexual intercourse. Sexual stimulation is required.

Zithromax (Erythromycin) belongs to a broad-spectrum antibiotic, a representative of the macrolide antibiotic subgroup – azalides. By binding to the 50S subunit of ribosomes, it inhibits peptide translocation at the translation stage. It inhibits protein synthesis and slows the growth and reproduction of bacteria. It has bacteriostatic properties. In high concentrations, this antibiotic has a bactericidal effect. It affects extra-and intracellular pathogens.

Prednisone is a synthetic analog of adrenal glands’ hormone – hydrocortisone. It has a similar effect to it. The main functions of the drug are anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, anti-allergic, anti-shock. The mechanism of action in many ways still not exactly examined. We can only say that it affects almost all stages of the inflammatory process, inhibits the synthesis of inflammatory mediators – cytokines and histamine. It prevents the migration of immune system cells.


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