Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Drops Bid To Join Health Care Purchasing Cooperative


Group cites “many unknowns” as reason
for decision to not move forward

Boston, MA  (May 22, 2012)—At a recent meeting of its Board of Directors, the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce made a decision to abandon  its efforts to submit an application to become a Health Care Purchasing Cooperative.

After a considerable assessment, the Chamber reached its conclusion after speaking with business people across the state who raised issues of actual savings, long-term commitment by the Commonwealth and other uncertain aspects of the cooperative.

“There are many unknowns,” said Debra A. Boronski, President of the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. “For example, there are fees to participate.  Will those fees negate any savings? Will the upcoming decision by the Supreme Court on “individual mandates” have any impact on purchasing cooperatives in Massachusetts? These are just some of the questions from our members.”

Boronski also said the Chamber continues to listen closely to the business community to learn if they can receive value from the cooperative.  “If we find it provides value for businesses, we will reassess our interest in supporting the program at that time,“ she said.

The Health Care Purchasing Cooperative is the result of a 2010 Massachusetts law that allows small employers to join together in large groups to negotiate for better-priced health coverage.

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