House Passes Transportation Financing Bill

The House of Representatives passed legislation that closes the MBTA’s gap for the upcoming fiscal year and provides vital assistance to the regional transit authorities.

This legislation transfers $1.5 million of excess snow and ice removal funds to the regional transit authorities as supplemental assistance. The legislation further authorizes a one-time transfer of $51 million from the Motor Vehicle Inspection Trust Fund to the MBTA and to the regional transit authorities for preventative maintenance expenses. This bill also increases fare evasion fines, which will provide additional aid to the transportation system.

Additionally, the legislation requires MassDOT to file a report to the House and Senate Ways and Means Committees and the Joint Committee on Transportation detailing the time needed to prepare the commuter boat service lots, piers, and the Fore River terminal for appraisal and sale to Massport during fiscal year 2013.

Category: Legislative Update