About Us

When you run a local Chamber of Commerce, you spend your time focused on managing committee meetings, hosting events, staying in touch with local politicians and working with member businesses.  This leaves little time for Chamber staff to focus on economic and legislative issues that are impacting area businesses.

With more than 20 years of experience in local chamber management,  I recognized an opportunity to help chambers provide legislative representation to their member businesses.  By creating the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, a statewide chamber, I hope to provide a centralized resource for political reform, legislative information and representation.  The Mass Chamber, on average, focuses 90% our efforts on advocacy alone so local chambers can remain focused on local initiatives, but still be active and in tune with statewide politics.

Where local Chambers create a unified voice for business within their communities, the Mass Chamber looks to unify all of those voices, giving business a voice in every legislative level across the Commonwealth.

The Mass Chamber’s goal is to be a resource to Chambers and businesses alike, by doing the research on pending laws, sharing updates on key initiatives, hosting key networking and training events while providing lobbying and legislative representation.

As we celebrate our 5th year in operation, the Mass Chamber has been responsible for testifying at dozens of hearings on behalf of businesses across the Commonwealth, we have established a workforce training foundation, created a workforce wellness program, developed a substantial member benefits program and were recently named an insurance benefit center for Massachusetts.  The Mass Chamber also played a significant role in the Economic Development Bill  that Governor Deval Patrick signed in August 2010.  Because of the lobbying done by the Mass Chamber we were able to have the cap on small claims raised from $2,000 to $7,000 and had a provision included that gives Massachusetts based companies preference for state contracts.

I am passionate about this organization and its continued advocacy for business in Massachusetts.  Join me in making Massachusetts one of the greatest states to do business in.