Employer of Choice Award – Baseline Application

The information we are requesting is to allow us to understand your organization and compare it to other applying organizations. The data further allows us to interpret your application in the context of the size of the business, key results and employee constituency.

Organization Name*

Which award are you applying for?*


Name of Primary Contact*





Years in business*

Please choose the category that best describes your business.*

Summary of your organization’s business, history, industry and markets

The following data will only be used in the comparative evaluation of the applications. All data will be treated confidentially. Your data should only include that which is relevant to the applying unit or units (in the case of multiple-site organizations).

1. The average number of employees (including management)

Full Time – 2010



Part Time – 2010



2. In 2012, the average number of:

Executives And Managers


Union Members (If apllicable)

3. What % of employees voluntarily left your organization in 2010:



4. Please indicate what benefits you currently provide employees.

Medical PlanDental PlanVision InsuranceDisability InsuranceVacation PaySick Pay401kHSAHRAFSA

Other Benifits

Stock OptionsPerformance-Based CompensationProfit-Sharing or BonusesTuition ReimbursementOn-site Day CareElder Care ProvisionsSubsidized Cafetrias

What has been the measured level of employee satisfaction over the last 12 months?

6. If measured, describe how you determine the % employee satisfaction.


An Organization’s Culture refers to its values, beliefs, and behaviors … both spoken and unspoken. It strongly influences how employees behave individually and how they interact with each other. Among other things, it deals with respect, attitudes towards excellence and how customers are viewed. The following questions address your Organizational Culture:
1. Does your organization have stated core values?

If Yes, what are they?

2. How are these reinforced throughout the organization?

3. To what extent would your employees say these core values define the company’s environment? (check one):
Words OnlyTrue some of the timeTrue most of the timeTrue all of the time

3.a How can you support this answer?

4. Teamwork would be characterized as strong (check all that apply):
Within a departmentBetween departmentsAmong the leadership team(s)Between leadership and all other employees

5. What has been the measured level of employee satisfaction over the last 12 months?*

5.a How was this number obtained?

6. Do your employees know what they can specifically do to positively impact customer satisfaction? Please provide two examples. Example 1

Example 2

7. How would you describe the level of employee engagement within your organization?

9. How do you ensure that managers and supervisors have and maintain strong applied leadership skills?

10. Which of the following tools are used by employees to share ideas and concerns?
IntranetSuggestion BoxOpen Door PolicyStaff Meetings

11. Do employees participate in setting individual and department goals?

12. Describe any policies, practices and training that reinforce health, safety and environmental consciousness as a top priority in your company.

13. What has been the OSHA incident rate (IR) or Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) for the last 3 calendar years compared to your industry standard?





Communication is often listed among the top needs by employees. Excellent communication typically characterizes companies with a high level of employee engagement. The following questions the effectiveness and extent of communication throughout your organization:

1. How do you communicate the company’s vision, mission and goals throughout the organization?

2. How do you ensure that business performance data is communicated to all employees regularly and on time?

3. What tools and processes are used to communicate employees’ roles and responsibilities?

4. What tools and processes are used to communicate performance expectations, feedback and coaching?

5. Does your company have an intranet?

Training and Developement

Personal and professional growth is a strong motivator today, as employees concentrate on their current and future marketability. The following questions address how you encourage growth and opportunity for your employees:
1. What training/educational opportunities does your company support? (check all that apply):
Job skills trainingEnglish as a second languageCommunity college programsCollege degree programsVocational or technical educationIndustry recognized certification programs

2. Does your organization help pay for these programs?

3. What percentage of your company’s budget is allocated to training annually?

4. Please describe any annual training required of employees:

5. Please check all that apply regarding programs, incentives or benefits you offer to promote health and wellness.
Comprehensive wellness programsHealth club/gym membershipSmoking cessation classes or reimbursement for classesWeight loss classes or reimbursement for classesWeight loss controlBlood pressure checks/cholesterol checksFlu shotsStress reduction/time managementWellness FairsPre-natal classesOnly what is provided through insuranceEAP

5. In addition to mandated state and or federal required time off (FMLA) what paid or unpaid time off do you offer?


Effectively applying fundamental principles of rewards and recognition lets employees know that their valuable contributions are important and their efforts are appreciated. The following questions address some of these fundamental considerations and how they are applied in your organization.
1. What recognition programs are in place to acknowledge employee performance?

2. Does your company have a budget for recognition programs?

3. Is there some type of profit- or gain-sharing plan?

If yes, how is it structured?

4. Based on industry evaluations, is the total compensation competitive for your industry?

Please provide any other comments that you would like to make relevant to the Employer of Choice Award:

Personal and professional growth is a strong motivator today, as employees concentrate on their current and future marketability. The following questions address how you encourage growth and opportunity for your employees: