Mass Benches Chamber of Commerce

The Art of Support

MassBenches is the first statewide fiberglass outdoor art project of its kind. It will celebrate state industry and commerce in conjunction with the arts.

Proceeds from the MassBench projects will be used to support the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Foundation, an organization that offers workforce development grants to small manufacturers in Massachusetts.

What exactly is public art? Public art or street art is a fiberglass casting that acts as a three dimensional canvass rendered or embellished by an artist.

The art work usually depicts people, places or things that have meaning in local/regional history. Also, the depictions can be fictional or non-fictional. The art work is usually displayed in public settings; hence, the term ‘public art’.

We are seeking business sponsors to purchase a MassBench in support of this project. We are also accepting designs from Massachusetts artist.

For more information on the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Foundation click here.

Top 10 reasons to participate in MassBenches Project

1. Your company will be one of the first 20 businesses to participate in the
MassBenches project, the first statewide public art project in the Nation.

2. Proceeds from this project will support the Mass Chamber of Commerce
Foundation, in offering grants to employers for job training and education.

3. As a leader in the project, you will be setting a statewide example for other
companies that share your vision as a pro-active business investing in workforce
4. As an ambassador of this statewide public art project you will be fulfilling your
mission to support your community, to develop your workforce, to support
education and development, and to invest in the arts for the state of Massachusetts.

5. Your company will receive recognition via our MassBenches website, press
releases, networking tools and other Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce
program and events.

Massachusette Chamber of Commerce Foundation6. Ambassadors will receive a one-of-a-kind ‘art bench’ to be placed on your
property or to be donated to a park, public space, organization of your choice.

7. By participating in this project, your company will build public awareness for the
arts by increasing tourism and generating positive feedback from visitors.

8. Your company’s name and logo will be permanently displayed at the base of the

9. You will receive 5 full-color copies of the first edition coffee-table book about
MassBenches showcasing your bench along with 19 other Ambassador companies.

10. Your company will be eligible to apply for the workforce development grants that
this project will help fund.