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The Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce provides legislative advocacy, marketing, networking, educational and informational programs for businesses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The Massachusetts Chamber also provides managerial services for local chambers of commerce and professional organizations such as West of the River Chamber of Commerce and the Realtors Commercial Alliance of Massachusetts.

Welcome to Massachusetts

A Practical Guide to Living in the State

Massachusetts, located in the heart of New England, is the region’s most populous state. Lively urban areas, picturesque seaside communities, and tiny rural towns offer a unique ambiance which each year attracts many new residents. This webpage is designed to provide people contemplating a move to Massachusetts and those who have recently come here with specific information on the practical aspects of residency. I hope that new residents and those considering a move to the Bay State find this webpage a good source of useful information.

Sincerely, William Francis Galvin Secretary of the Commonwealth

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