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By ordering drugs in Pharmacy Mall, the customer automatically and fully agrees with our Privacy Policy and the protection of user information, as well as gives full consent to receive, process and store personal data.

What is personal information?

User personal information is any information received from visitors and customers that may be related by the law to the subject of personal data, for example, name, date of birth, address of residence, contact information, and any other personal information related to personal information.

How do we collect personal information?

We may collect information about your computer, including the IP address, operating system, and browser type, for system administration purposes. These are statistics about user-viewed web pages and templates; they do not identify a person.

We may also collect your personal information using cookies. These are small text files that store information on your computer’s hard drive or in a browser, through which we can know that you have visited our website. They help to save your preferences on our website. A cookie often includes a randomly generated number that is stored on your device. Many cookies are automatically deleted after the site is closed.

This website does not store any information which could help identify individuals without their consent. Any cookies on this website are used only during a specific session or to save user preferences. Cookies are not transferred to third parties.

You can disable the use of cookies by your browser and delete all cookies stored on your computer. You can find out how to do this on your browser by clicking on the “help” button in your browser’s menu. By turning off the files cookie in your browser, you may not be able to enjoy the full benefits of our website.

Receiving personal data

To order medications using our website, the buyer needs to fill in some personal information. To verify the personal data provided by the buyer, our pharmacy reserves the right to request from the customer evidence of the correctness of the data online.

Use of personal data

We use your information to make sure that the content of our website is presented in the most effective form for you and your computer; to provide you with information, products or services requested by you or which we think you would be interested in; to fulfill our obligations under any contracts entered into between you and us; to give you the opportunity to take advantage of the interactive features of our site; to inform you about changes in our services. A part of personal data can be provided to a bank or a payment system, only if the provision of such information is necessary for transferring funds to a payment system, which services the buyer wants to use.

Control of personal information

We use personal data verification mechanisms to control personal data. The responsibility for the consequences of providing incorrect data rests entirely with the purchaser. In the event that some of the personal information has changed over time, the buyer must make the necessary changes to his/her account details or ask our managers to make such changes.

Disclosure of personal data

The administration of the pharmacy cannot transmit or disclose information provided by the customer when placing the order and using the site functions to third parties, except for the cases described by the law of the country in which the buyer resides and conducts its activities on the Internet.


When placing each new order on the site, the customer receives a message that confirms his successful order of medications and contains the order number. The buyer may refuse to receive such messages, you only need to write about this to our support team.

Links to other sites

Our website may contain links to other sites. The pharmacy is not responsible for the content, quality and security policy of other resources. Our privacy statement applies only to information that is only posted on our website.


The pharmacy makes every possible effort to protect the personal data of the customer. Personal information about the buyer can be disclosed only in cases described by applicable law, or when Pharmacy Mall administration considers such actions necessary to comply with a court decision, legal procedure or legal process necessary for the buyer to work with the pharmacy. In all other situations, under no circumstances, personal information that the customer provides to the company will not be provided and disclosed to other persons. We ensure complete security of the buyer’s account from unauthorized access.

Change notifications

Our company reserves the right to make any changes to this Privacy Policy without additional notice to customers. New rules come into force from the moment they are posted on the site. Buyers can follow the changes in our Privacy Policy.

Use rights

You have the right to request not to process your personal data for marketing purposes. We usually inform you (before we receive information from you) if we intend to use your data for such a purpose or if we are going to disclose your information to a third party for such a purpose. You can take advantage of your right and prevent such data processing by ticking the box in the forms we use to collect data.

Our site may from time to time contain links to the websites of our partners, advertisers or subsidiaries. If you follow the link from one of these websites, please note that such sites have their own privacy policy and we are not responsible for it. Read the privacy policies of such websites before providing any personal information.


Questions, comments and requests regarding this Privacy Policy can be sent to

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