About Us

Pharmacy Mall is one of the leaders in the global pharmaceutical market. Our key advantages: high-quality service, qualified personnel, a wide range, affordable prices, modern equipment.

Creating new standards, introducing advanced technologies and improving the range, we strive to become the best in the pharmaceutical market.

Our goal:
To provide quality service at the most affordable price.

We pay special attention to affordable prices for medicinal products. Besides, we offer discounts, bonuses and coupon codes.

We have all the most popular brand-name and generic medicines. Prices for generic medicines are lower than for similar branded drugs. Why pay more if you can get real savings?

We put the professionalism of the pharmacist serving you in the first place. His advice will be professional and he will not additionally impose an extra product on you. Our task is to serve you so that you do not just make a purchase from us, but become healthy. We read all your comments, recommendations related to Pharmacy Mall services. We keep our word that our affordable prices are not a one-time action, but a constant policy.

Meet our staff!

Daniel Francis
Owner, Pharmacist
graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1985 and founded Pharmacy Mall in 1997.

Quinton Cruz
Pharmacist, Certified Immunizer
graduated from Campbell in 2010. Quinton has his Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and is a certified immunizer. He joined the company in 2012.

Thomas Parker
Pharmacist, Certified Immunizer
graduated from Ferris State University in 1995. Thomas is specially trained in diabetes, mental illness and hormone replacement therapy and is a certified immunizer. He joined the company in 2006.

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